BIOGRAPHY                 LAI CHUN MIN
Lai is currently a Mechanical Engineer  by profession  yet  he  has never  once stop working  on  his  passion  in  nature-friendly  ideas. He  has  spent  two  years  in developing this pitcher plant like mobile phone holder idea into today’s reality. The Leaf is his first-born creation and inspiration to work on more creation for the love of Mother Nature.

Lai Chun Min’s interest in nature-inspired designing has brought ‘The Leaf” into the world. The Leaf is not just an ordinary mobile phone holder, its unique pitcher plant like  design is specially made for urban people to  get in touch with nature while in their busy, stressful lives.

Born in Sarawak, Malaysia in 1980, a state  most  renowned with its well-preserved rainforest, Lai has  been  staying  there  with his  family   throughout his childhood period. In 1999, he moved  to  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Capital  City to further his studies in Industrial Design and he stayed there since then.

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